Q:  Can you design and fit my bathroom?

A: Yes we can.  We offer both services but only in the local area. 


Q: How long do items take to come in?

A: Most items are kept in stock by our suppliers so 24-48 hours it usually takes but some bigger or more fragile items can take a little longer.  Special items can take 4-6 weeks.


Q: How do I order?

A: We take orders by email or in the showroom only now.  We used to do phone orders but due to miscommunication with past orders we no longer do it.


Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept cash,cheque and credit/debit card but not American Express I am afraid.


Q: Do you deliver?

A: We do offer a free of charge service within a 20 mile radius.  But places like central London we need to charge for the congestion charge or Dartford bridge charge.


Q: What if something is damaged,missing or broken?

A: We do our best to check items before we send them out but certain items due to the way they are packed its best not to open until it is needed.  Most companies we deal with are very good with damaged or missing items but please check your goods as soon as you can.  We have had people report things months later and we have had to charge because the time scale was just way to long.


Q: Can I return a item because I no longer need it or I ordered the wrong thing?

A: Most suppliers we can return things to them but most of them put on a restocking charge.  Its to cover things like the cost of sending someone out to collect the wrong item and the over heads that go with it.  Its usually between 10-30% off the RRP of the item but sometimes they reduce it or wave if we re-order something in its place but it is down to the digression of that particular supplier.  They all have there own terms.  Most special order items can not be turned.


Q: Can I get spare parts in the future?

A: Yes, Most companies keep spares for there products and they also have good guarantees that range from 1 year to a life time depending on what and who it is.  So please keep your proof of purchase from us and any information from the manufacturer as if you need anything in the future we can help you get what you need quickly and efficiently.


Q: Are most toilet seats the same?

A: NO we wish they were.  We get asked all the time with old and new customers.  Unfortunately they are all different a bit like cars there are so many on the market with there own different parts and measurement so really we need to know what you have.  If not then don't worry http://en.pressalit.com/ and http://www.euro-bathrooms.co.uk/ do a range of seats in different sizes so measure it up and compare it to what they offer and we can price you up for a new one.


Q: I need a new rubber seal for my bath screen/Shower door.  Can I get one?

A: Same as above like the toilet seats.  If you are unsure what make the product is then http://www.uniblade.co.uk/index.php gets most people out of trouble and we are a dealer for there products.